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The First IEEE International Workshop on Green Standardizations and Industry Issues for ICT and Relevant Technologies (GSICT)
Organized in conjunction with IEEE Global Communications
Conference (GLOBECOM 2015)

6-10 December 2015

San Diego, CA, USA

Paper submission deadline is extended to July 15, 2015

Submissions at https://www.edas.info/newPaper.php?c=20677

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  • Green ICT Conferences June 7, 2016
    Upcoming Green ICT conferences and workshops around the world. We just added information about an online event and update the call-for-papers deadline for an event in Split. We have also included links to past conferences to aid your search for Green ICT materials. Which region has the most Green ICT conferences? Upcoming Conferences Location Dates […]
  • GreenICT Awareness Among African Students - Critical for Sustainable ICT4D May 23, 2016
    We have long advocated for Green ICT awareness in ICT4D. A 2015 paper "Assessing University Students’ Attitude toward Green Computing Practices" from Nigeria provides insight into the short-term future of Green ICT in the region. The author, Bello Abdullah Birch of the College of Science and Technology, Hassan Usman Katsina Polytechnic, starts by citing previous […]
  • Akamai's Green ICT Initiative May 17, 2016
    Content Delivery Network (CDN) services provider Akamai has launched a major initiative to reduce its GHG emissions. Most notable is its commitment to an absolute, not relative, reduction. Akamai's May 2016 announcement: "Today we are committing, by 2020, to reduce our absolute greenhouse gas emissions below 2015 levels by sourcing renewable energy for 50 percent […]
  • DC Power Distribution for ICT May 6, 2016
    Most ICT gear - core facilities, communications infrastructures, and edge devices - runs on DC power. Converting AC to DC within a building is inefficient, on-site renewable power generation is often DC to begin with, and super-efficient LED lighting is also DC. All this seems to make DC power distribution an attractive option for ICT […]
  • Global Green ICT Update: Africa-Middle East May 5, 2016
    Updates from Africa and the Middle East. Our most recent is about and Arabic-language Green ICT webinar. Click on 'ME-Africa' tag above for all news about the region. Click here for regional Green ICT updates from around the globe. 2016 I had just finished updating my field report on personal solar for devices with my […]
  • Personal Solar for Devices in the Backcountry May 1, 2016
    I don't go into the backcountry device-free. A smartphone, with backcountry GPS software, and a digital camera are always with me. Planning for an 11-day rafting/hiking trip through the Grand Canyon in April raised the issue of how to power my gear. I decided to go solar to minimize battery consumption. A February week in […]
  • Global Green ICT Update: Americas April 7, 2016
    Updates from the Americas (ex-USA). Click here for regional Green ICT updates from around the globe. Click on 'Americas' tag above for all news about the region. 2016-2015 The data center community has been very focused on reducing energy cost with "free cooling" - disposing of waste heat using natural cooling sources such as cold […]
  • Green ICT and Sustainability Certification March 28, 2016
    A colleague in the financial services sector asked me about the integration of Green ICT into a taxonomy for sustainability certification. My experience with taxonomies, particularly as founder of a business information company, has given me a crucial insight. Thoughtful construction up-front is the most beneficial, and the most neglected, aspect of taxonomy applications With […]
  • Green Bonds for Green ICT March 23, 2016
    Apple recently issued a "Green Bond". What is this new kind of debt instrument and how might it propel Green ICT? The Climate Bonds Initiative reports, "The green bond market took off in 2014 with $36.6bn issued; triple the amount issued in 2013 ($11bn)." The International Capital Market Association (ICMA), whose Green Bond Principals Apple […]
  • The Software Side of Green ICT March 22, 2016
    Most Green ICT efforts focus on hardware. That make sense, because hardware lifecycles encompass everything from environmentally responsible sourcing of its raw materials through energy efficiency of its use to sustainable disposal at its end-of-life. Special utility software such as desktop power-saving plays a central role in Green ICT, but less attention has been given […]